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The story behind Mama's Masalas ®

When my oldest son moved to Dallas, Texas, he found it difficult to find food that tasted like home. When he tried cooking the same meals on his own, he struggled to find the right spices. Not only that, but the cooking process itself was time-consuming and complicated. My children experienced Pakistani culture largely through food, and my son's move left him without any reminders of his culture and his mother's home cooking.

And then, one day, he asked if I could make a spice blend and mail it to him. So I did, and with that, Mama's Masalas ® was born.

Well, sort of ...

As a real estate broker by trade for almost two decades, I was baffled with starting a food business. But my sons reminded me that before I was ever a real estate broker, I was a mother to them - I had all of the experience I needed.

Mama's Masalas ® was created by a mother who loves her children. Each spice pack is made to capture the essence of Pakistani home-cooking, just as my children experienced it growing up. Whether you miss home or want to experience a new culture, Mama's Masalas ® will bring out the chef in you regardless of your cooking ability. If my sons can do it, so can you!
Within thirty minutes or less, you can have a home-cooked meal, just like I used to make for my kids.

All MM seasonings are 100% guaranteed to be organic, non-GMO, and vegan.

No sugar, No additives, No preservatives, Nothing artificial EVER!

Mama's Masalas ® is a little taste of a lot of love. 

Our Team

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Wajih Mirza

Tabassum Jafri

Michael LaHaye

Toria Mirza

Janelle Adams

Roxanne Ocon

Debi Paschal

Mitchell Deaton

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Jared Overstreet

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