3 Tips to Cook Like a Pro

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We've all shied away from the kitchen on occasion. Mistakenly, some of us have believed that those who have mastered the art of cooking were either born with the talent or have paid thousands to obtain it. But neither of these assumptions are necessarily true. Learning how to be a competent cook can be as simple as learning the basics and following a couple of pointers. Here are three easy tips that will get you back in the kitchen and cooking like a pro in no time.  

Tip #1: Master The Basics With Chef Gordon Ramsay

What better way to master the basics than by learning from Chef Gordon Ramsay? Watch Chef Ramsay on YouTube as he explains how to perfectly: slice and dice onions, skin and debone fish, sharpen kitchen knives, and even cook pasta al dente and fluffy stove-top rice. You'll see that the master chef's top techniques are incredibly practical, and his explanations are extremely easy to follow. And, who knows? With these essential cooking skills under your belt, you may be able to whip out a fancy dish or two in a flash!

Tip #2:  Avoid Classic Beginner Mistakes

Whether you call them bloopers or miscalculations, mistakes will occur in the kitchen from time to time. One grave mistake beginner cooks need to watch out for is working in an unorganized and messy kitchen. Not only will rookie cooks be less efficient, "but this puts [them] at higher risk for cross-contamination," according to Kelli Foster, an Associate Food Editor for Kitchn. Remembering to keep kitchen utensils like knives and cutting boards separated, disinfected, and dried is extremely vital in preventing deadly foodborne illnesses. 

On the other hand, one minor mistake beginner cooks often make would be forgetting to read the complete recipe through prior to preparing and cooking. As silly as it may seem, newbies often get carried away and overlook important details. For example, they may end up burning their chicken all because they were hasty and had forgotten to add oil to the frying pan. This typical blunder can be easily avoided, however. Just make it a habit to read through the instructions before doing anything else. 

Tip #3: Cook Like a Pro By Using Spices

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Admittedly, using spices can be intimidating. Not knowing which spices work well with both meat and plant-based dishes can be frustrating and disappointing. Experimenting with spices can frequently lead to wasted food. Instead of overextending yourself, try this hassle-free approach, and start using spices regularly to season your food. 

From Being a Chef In Training To Being a Pro

There's no excuse to shy away from the kitchen anymore. Once you've mastered Chef Ramsay's essential cooking skills, have read up on common kitchen blunders to avoid, and have learned a thing or two about the art of seasoning, you're now on your way from being a novice to cooking like a pro. 



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