The Nutritional and Organic Spice Benefits of Cooking a Healthy American Breakfast

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An American breakfast doesn't have to be unhealthy. You can replace refined sugars, hydrogenated oils, trans fats, and fatty meats for healthier options. Still, sometimes this can feel like a challenge. It may be challenging to find the time to research healthier food options and make changes to your breakfast recipes. Even if you do find the time to research healthier choices, you'll still have to deal with pleasing the pickiest of eaters. Luckily for you, there's hope! In this article, you’ll find great tips and tricks needed to spice up your American breakfast. You'll even be surprised as to how many food benefits and organic spice benefits there are. If you give these tips a try, then I promise that even the finickiest of eaters will change their minds.

Tip #1: Never Underestimate the Power of Coconut Oil

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If you're looking for a superfood that helps burn fat, improves the heart, and reduces hunger, then look no further than coconut oil. According to Kris Gunnars, a nutrition researcher from Healthline, Gunnars says that research shows that when specific amounts of coconut oil are consumed, HDL or good cholesterol is generally increased. The opposite can be said about LDL or bad cholesterol. For those reasons, coconut oil has been shown to have a positive impact on the heart, reducing the risk of coronary heart disease. 

Another exciting benefit of coconut oil is that it can serve as an appetite suppressant! Those who are seeking a weight-loss-friendly fat or who have health concerns may want to take advantage of this incredible benefit. Even better, coconut oil is extremely versatile and easy to incorporate into meals, especially breakfast.

Coconut oil is simple to add to several breakfast foods like pancakes, waffles, and eggs. For starters, substitute coconut oil for butter and other common shortenings when making pancakes or waffles. If waffles and pancakes don't fill you up and you have room in your belly to eat something else, then cook eggs. Instead of using bacon grease or butter, make sure to coat the bottom of your frying pan with a light layer of coconut oil. Your heart and your body will thank you later.

Tip #2: Learn about Organic Spices and their Benefits

organic spice benefits, organic spices
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Traditionally, ancient civilizations used spices and herbs to preserve food and to improve overall health. According to Rodolfo Morais, the founder of a food-inspired blog called Grapes & Grains, for thousands of years, Egyptians, Chinese, Indians, and ancient Mesopotamians cultivated only spices and herbs native to the regions they inhabited. With limited trade, they learned to use what they had, and most had perfected methods of combining seasonings. Now, fast-forward to today. Although international trade has allowed us to purchase spices and herbs from far away, many people still struggle with finding the right seasoning combinations for their meals. Dinner and lunch may seem like a challenge, but using spices for breakfast may seem impossible. Fortunately for you, there's a solution to your difficulties and problems in the kitchen.

If you're looking for delicious spices with incredible benefits, then give Mama's Masalas' organic pre-packaged Pakistani seasonings a try. They come in three mild flavors: Lahori Chicken Tikka BBQ, Pakistani Butter Chicken, and Baigan Bhurta. These natural seasonings are the perfect-go-to whenever you want to prepare meals healthily. Ingredients like cumin, which has been shown to help control blood sugar, and cayenne, which has been shown to reduce hunger, are used both in Baigan Bhurta and Lahori Tikka. Similarly, ingredients like paprika, used in the Butter Chicken seasoning, have been clinically shown to promote healthy vision.

So now that you've learned about some of the organic spice benefits of using these mixes, let's move on to making breakfast!

With all three spice blends, you can create savory and healthy meals by using a variety of ingredients commonly found in American breakfast recipes. For instance, if you feel like you're in the mood for roasted breakfast potatoes and vegetables, then try sprinkling Baigan Bhurta on them before popping them into the oven. Spices in this blend, specifically garlic and smoked paprika, will add an extra dimension of flavor to your potatoes and veggies. But, if you instead prefer to eat oatmeal or grits, then try adding Pakistani Butter Chicken seasoning. Pakistani Butter Chicken seasoning will give your oatmeal and grits a light, but sweet hint of coconut. A couple of other options suggested would be to include Lahori Chicken Tikka BBQ into your breakfast omelets or the same seasoning to your chicken biscuit filling. 

Just like the ancient civilizations used spices in their meals, you can start to incorporate them into your meals easily by using Mama's Masalas' organic spice blends. There are numerous organic spice benefits your body can take advantage of just by using these spice packages for breakfast meals. Afterward, go ahead and share your results on social media as mentioned in "What Do Organic Spices and Social Media Have in Common with World Health Day?"

Tip #3: Add Some Shiitake to Your Breakfast

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Native to Asia, shiitake mushrooms were used by the ancient Chinese and Japanese for nutrition and healing. Those that consumed these mushrooms regularly reported an increase in vigor, stamina, and strength. These long-standing claims have been tested and are mostly accurate. According to Kerri-Ann Jennings, a Healthline contributor, shiitake mushrooms can increase energy levels of those that consume the mushroom regularly, even improving immune health.

As far as nutrition goes, these small brown-capped mushrooms provided the ancient Chinese and Japanese with an excellent substitute for meat. These umami-flavored mushrooms offer as many of the same amino acids as meat does. If you want to try these delectable mushrooms, and take advantage of their many benefits, then try shiitake bacon!

Preparing shiitake mushroom bacon couldn't be easier. To begin with, you will create a marinade. First, arrange your ingredients together. Smoked paprika, cayenne pepper, sea salt, soy sauce, maple syrup, sesame oil, and of course, sliced shiitake mushrooms, are all needed for this recipe. After doing so, grab a medium-sized bowl and add 1-2 tablespoons of smoked paprika, a tablespoon of soy sauce, and a tablespoon of maple syrup. Next, add a couple of dashes of cayenne pepper and salt to the mix and begin stirring. After mixing the marinade, add two handfuls of sliced shiitake mushrooms, and let them marinate for about half an hour. Before adding the mushrooms to the pan, turn the stove on and set the temperature to medium-high heat. Next, lightly coat the frying pan with sesame oil and sauté the mushrooms for a couple of minutes flipping occasionally until lightly caramelized, and voila - shiitake bacon!

Tip #4: Don't Doubt the Power of Chia Seeds

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Are you in need of a quick protein-fix? If so, then try adding chia seeds to your diet. Arguably, two of the greatest civilizations in Mesoamerica did: the Mayans and the Aztecs. Long before the conquistadors arrived on the American mainland, Mayans and Aztecs used these tiny seeds as one of the primary sources of sustenance, feeding anyone from commoners to rulers. These precious seeds were highly valued, and for good reasons too. According to a Healthline article called, "Chia Seeds 101: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits," scientists today have found that chia seeds are packed with tons of vitamins, minerals, omega oils, antioxidants, protein, and are low in calories. Consider obtaining the same benefits the Aztecs and Mayans had received hundreds of years ago by incorporating chia seeds into your morning meals.

If you tend to crave something sweet in the morning like donuts, Danishes, and other types of pastries, but you're on a diet, then consider making a chia parfait. To make a chia parfait, use a naturally sweetened yogurt, adding different layers of berries, granola, and chia seeds - one on top of the other. If the yogurt isn't sweet enough, then I recommend adding honey. This way, these slightly nutty seeds will complement the yogurt perfectly, leaving you hungry for more!

Tip #5: Treat Yourself to Some Matcha Green Tea 

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Used by the Chinese for centuries, matcha green tea has worked miracles and still does today. For one thing, matcha green tea is chock-full of antioxidants. According to Healthline, these massive amounts of antioxidants can help neutralize the growth and expansion of cancer cells, if any, and help slow down the aging process, and has even been found to enhance mood and concentration. Without a doubt, anyone can benefit from the miraculous properties!

The ancient Chinese and scientists aren't the only ones that have released the marvelous benefits of matcha green tea. Many coffee houses around the country like Dunkin' Donuts and Starbucks have begun to realize those fantastic properties. Recently, they have started to offer cold or hot matcha tea lattes for tea-lovers and anyone on-the-go. But there's a catch. What these restaurants won't tell you is that preparing your own matcha green tea beverage at home is often quicker and healthier than ordering from any of these establishments.

To begin by making your matcha green tea, open your matcha green tea powder packet or container. Measure and sift about 1-2 tablespoons of the powder into a small bowl. After the powder's consistency is smooth, add preferably warm or boiling water, regular milk, or milk substitutes to the bowl and begin stirring. Once the powder has fully dissolved, dip a small spoon into the drink and taste test. You may find that the drink has a slightly bitter taste. Instead of using 30+ grams of sugar like Dunkin' Donuts or Starbucks uses, try adding a couple of grams of natural sweetener. You might be surprised that even natural sweeteners like coconut sugar, agave, and even honey can do the trick.

Contrary to popular belief, an American breakfast can be healthy. Incorporating all these tips into your breakfast may help improve blood sugar levels, reduce hunger, decrease bad cholesterol, and much more! Now that you possess information to create your own healthy, yummy, and wholesome breakfast meals, pass along these tips and ideas to strangers, neighbors, friends, and family. Anyone can benefit!



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